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Estudos de Mercado - Comportamentos de Consumidor

Trabalho de Bartosz Wisniewsky e Samuel Vicente.

Derivado ao facto do grupo de trabalho ter alunos de ERASMUS, a sua apresentação foi feita em inglês.

Exemplo video do Comportamento do consumidor apresentado:

What is a Market Study?

An analysis of activities in a market in regard to such influences as location, demand, and competition which may or may not affect the value of property.

Kind of Information

- External characteristics of consumers
- Public behaviour
- Attitudes
- Buyer decision processes

External characteristics of consumers

Usually are used the inquests to get some info about:
- Gender
- Age
- Sex
- School Level

Public behaviour

- Who is the consumer?
- Who is the buyer?
- Where do you buy?
- What are the habits of watch the news?


- Brand Image
- Evaluation Attitude
Quantitative evaluation
Preference rankings

- Satisfaction
Qualitative Analysis
Quantitative Analysis

Buyer Decision Processes

- Motivations of the buyers
- Choosing criteria
- Degree of involvement
- Degree of premeditation
- Information Sources

Surveys – Kind of Questions

- Open-ended questions
- Closed-ended questions
- Multiple response questions
- Scales of attitude

Surveys – Types of Surveys

Main types of consumer surveys:
Habits and attitudes;

- Barometers
- Qualitative surveys
- Market-test

New trends in market studies

- On-line surveys

What is a consumer behaviour?

The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.

Useful points

Behavior occurs either for the individual, or in the context of a group or an organization.
Consumer behavior involvehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifs the use and disposal of products as well as the study of how they are purchased.
Consumer behavior involves services and ideas as well as tangible (concrete) products.

The impact of consumer behavior on society is of relevance.

Four main applications of consumer behavior

1) marketing strategy
2) public policy
3) social marketing
4) making us better consumers

Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Information Search and Decision Making two interesting issues in decisions are:

1) Variety seeking - consumers seek to try new brands not because these brands are expected to be “better” in any way, but rather because the consumer wants a “change of pace”

2) “Impulse” purchases - unplanned buys.

Group Influences

- The aspirational reference group
- Associative reference groups
- Dissociative reference group


- Factors in perception
- Weber’s Law
3.0 --> 2.7 --> 2.5 --> 2.3 --> 2.15 –> 2.0
- Surprising stimuli
- Subliminal stimuli

Diffusion of Innovation Attitudes

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